Georgette (fabric)

Georgette (from crêpe Georgette) is a sheer, lightweight, dull-finished crêpe fabric named after the early 20th century French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante.

Originally made from silk, Georgette is made with highly twisted yarns. Its characteristic crinkly surface is created by alternating S- and Z-twist yarns in both warp and weft.

Georgette is made in solid colors and prints and is used for blousesdressesevening gownssaris, and trimmings.[1] Georgette has a very light and drapey hand, rendering it more common in loose flowing garments and less so in more structured pieces. Silk georgette is relatively delicate, but varieties made with synthetic fibers can be more resilient to damage. The crepe style S- and Z-twist weave makes the fabric springier and less lustrous than the closely related chiffon.

Chiffon (fabric)

Chiffon is a gossamer or gauze-like fabric that is known for its sheer, floating, and shimmery nature, almost like tissue paper. Sheer. Chiffon-fabric has a sheer, transparent appearance, and when held under a magnifying glass, it looks like a fine net or mesh. Rough fee.


brocade, in textiles, woven fabric having a raised floral or figured design that is introduced during the weaving process, usually by means of a Jacquard attachment. The design, appearing only on the fabric face, is usually made in a satin or twill weave. brocade.


What kind of fabric is organza?

Organza is a lightweight, sheer, plain weave fabric, originally made from silk. Today, many contemporary organzas are made from synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon, providing consumers with an ever greater affordable, versatile and durable choice of fabrics.

What is organza made from?

So, what is organza fabric? It is a lightweight, plain-woven, sheer fabric originally made using silk. Nowadays, the material can be made using synthetic fibres, for example, nylon and polyester. Synthetic fabrics are often much more durable and are used frequently because the fabric is, by design, very delicate.

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